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A Bit About Me

Graphic designer with experience in Branded Campaigns, Websites, Rebranding, PPC Campaigns, Print, Email Marketing, Social Media Campaigns, Logos, Video Development, Data Collection, Quantitative Surveying. I love finding ideas on how to solve a problem. I believe great ideas are the foundation to a beautiful design and understanding the process makes it easy to navigate to the solution. Born and raised in small town Texas, I am fascinated by people, cultures, society, and the ever-changing network of human communication. I believe design is a great vehicle to connect people from different backgrounds and challenge existing social norms.


Bachelor of Arts: Graphic Design at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi, 2012

Master’s of Fine Arts: Graphic Design at University of Houston, 2017

Feel free to email me for my most up-to-date portfolio:

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